Dress for a successful sleep :-)

What you wear can determine how you sleep

Can what we wear improve how we sleep? Sleep disturbances impact every facet our lives and is the second most common health complaint after pain. There are many ways to improve our sleep, firstly by making it a priority and realizing that there are no real short-cuts. We need a certain amount of high quality sleep to function properly. Secondly there are a number of changes we make in our lifestyle to improve our sleep including our food, exercise habits, stress levels and bedroom.

One, often overlooked, factor is the impact the first layer on our skin, our sleepwear, has on our sleep quality.

Do pyjamas help sleep?

You might ask yourself how our sleepwear impact our sleep and what the the best pyjamas for sleep is? There are a number of ways in which our clothing at night can become a sleep killer or a sleep aid: 

  1. Temperature: A key factor for a restorative sleep is the ability to keep the best temperature for sleep throughout the night. When we are hot and cold at night our sleep suffers, in particular our deep sleep phases are reduced and the quality of our sleep goes down significantly. To sleep better it’s important that our sleepwear release excess heat when needed so that we don’t overheat, whilst keeping us warm enough that we don’t get chilly and start to shiver.
  2. Moisture: we sweat all the time and it’s an entirely natural thermo-regulation process. On average we sweat the equivalence of one cup during the night, if our temperature fluctuates that can be significantly more. Many different factors such as food, exercise habits, climate and hormonal changes can make our temperature rise and lead to night sweats. To sleep better it’s important to wear pyjamas that lead the sweat away from the skin and that dries quickly so that you have a wet cloth on your skin. If our sleepwear gets wet we often become cold as a result and start to shiver. This leads to an uneasy sleep and we miss out on the vital deep sleep phases.
  3. Fit: We move on average 40 times every night so it’s important that our sleepwear moves with us. Look for sleepwear that truly is designed for sleep to ensure that you don’t have any waistbands that cut in, legs that ride up during the night or that you wake up with your top bundled up around your chest.
  4. Friction: when we sleep the blood flow through our skin increases as part of our nocturnal regeneration process. This makes us more sensitive to touch and to elements of discomfort. The best sleepwear should support our sleep comfort. Unfortunately many pyjamas today have tags, buttons and seams that chafe against our skin.

How does Dagsmejan pyjamas help you sleep better?

At Dagsmejan our passion is to develop the best pyjamas you can imagine . And for us the best sleepwear is the sleepwear that not only give unrivalled comfort but also helps you sleep deeper for longer. To ensure that we can give the most restorative sleep we use the finest natural fibres, like merino wool and Tencel, and combine that with the latest sleep technology and patented treatments.

Our sleepwear is designed for sleep and to become a your second skin during the night. Keeping you protected without restricting your movements.

Each collection is developed to meet your physiological sleep needs:

Balance collection

This collection is ideal if you are sometimes warm and sometimes cold during the night. It’s 6 times more breathable than cotton and transports moisture 4 times better than cotton. Super soft and with the unique Dagsmejan sleep design this collection is scientifically proven to keep your skin temperature 1 C lower when the ambient temperature rises, and with less moisture on your skin than cotton. That makes it the ideal pyjamas for night sweats

Stay warm collection

This collection is ideal if you are looking for ultra-light, breathable warmth that will keep you comfortably warm the whole night, without ever overheating. Merino pyjamas has been proven in independent testing to help you sleep up to 15 minutes longer and to enjoy a better sleep quality. Dagsmejan Stay warm sleepwear is 4 times more breathable than cotton and excellent at regulating moisture, it’s really nature’s best sleep aid.

Stay cool collection

Enjoy the smoothest, coolest sleep comfort with NATTCOOL™ fabric. With this cooling sleepwear you enjoy a truly restorative sleep even when the temperature rises. 8x more breathable than cotton it dries in 1/3 of the time and releases water vapour 60% better. That makes it the best cooling pyjamas

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