World champion in standup paddling (SUP) Bruno Hasulyo knows the impact sleep has on his focus, performance and endurance during his long-distance paddling races. That’s why he contacted Dagsmejan to find new ways to sleep smarter to achieve his big dreams. We are very happy to have Bruno as a Dagsmejan brand ambassador and to see him continuing to dominate the up-and-coming sport of standup paddling.


A great night leads to a great day. When we have enjoyed truly restorative sleep we wake up with more energy, focus and clarity to take on whatever the day might bring. This is important for all of us, but for professional athletes it’s the difference between standing on the podium or struggling at the back of the pack. Sleep deprivation is also closely linked to injuries, athletes are almost twice as likely to injury themselves if they have not slept enough. As Bruno puts it: “As an athlete travelling and training on a daily bases, sleeping a is key for me, as sleeping and recovering go hand in hand.”

 “Good sleep, good recovery! Good recovery, good success!”

For Bruno recovery is a conscious part of his training strategy and he adapts his recovery and sleep depending on if it’s training season or competition season. Bruno shares some of his tips for how to get great recovery for great success:

  1. Adjusting my sleep to my need: “On average I sleep 9 hours a night plus a 45 min recovery nap during the day. Before big events, where I’m racing for over 2 hours and burning almost 2000 calories, I like to sleep more, around 10 hours. I know that after such a long sleep my body has enough energy to perform at the maximum.”
  2. The sleep routine: “It’s important to actually sleep and not just roll around the bed, and that’s why I suggest to create a pre-sleep routine to really sleep smart. As we are all different and we are living in different rhythms all our routines will be different, but I would suggest to try to sleep in similar times every day. It will help your body fall asleep easier.”
  3. Avoid first night syndrome—a bad night’s sleep in a new environment: “During my competition season, between all the racing and travelling, finding a good comfortable sleep is not always easy. Different beds, different sheets, different bed positions, so a lot of variables. Ever since I started sleeping in Dagsmejan this is not an issue anymore, as wherever I sleep the first contact with my skin is the unbelievably smooth fabric of Dagsmejan and it makes me feel that I’m sleeping in my own bed in my own home.”


In 2017 Bruno saw his big dream of becoming the world’s number one Stand Up Paddler come true. His success can in many ways be ascribed to his single handed focus, he had only one goal; to become number one. His achievement is amazing if you consider how recently he joined the sport:

“Within 4 years, out of nowhere, I managed to climb up between all the best, and in 2017 I became World Champion.”

Having achieved great success at an early age has not made Bruno less eager to continue winning. As he puts it: “I have no time to waste, and when the steps are needed I take them.” His aim is to continue to improve, learn and to become a dominant force in a sport that is attracting more and more participants year by year.

But dreaming big is not only about achieving great results. It’s also about having a great time doing it. That’s why Bruno’s motto is;

“Live every day being grateful! And always smile.”


Travelling for competitions means that Bruno often finds himself in a new environment, yet still has to get the maximum recovery to be able to achieve his goals.

“Ever since I started my professional athlete carrier, I’ve been paying extra attention to my sleep routine and that’s why I’m very happy to have found Dagsmejan. Yes, sleeping in Dagsmejan makes a real difference! The smoothness and the breathability of the fabric makes sleeping easy, with the side effect of a fully charged and recovered body.”    

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