Happy sheep, happy sleep

At Dagsmejan we are not only committed to creating the most comfortable sleepwear in the world (scientifically proven) but also to doing so in a natural and sustainable way. Animal welfare and ethical production are of utmost importance to us and part of our core values.

That’s why Dagsmejan exclusively uses mulesing-free, certified merino wool for its NATTWARM fabrics. However, our promise for sustainability and accountability doesn’t stop there. Consumers are demanding more transparency within the production of garments. To ensure our customers are afforded the transparency they desire, Dagsmejan has a long-standing partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of sustainable and ethical merino wool - NATIVA. This way, we offer 100% traceability for the wool origin of our thermal pyjamas.  

Discover NATTWARM™ Fabric 

Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm collection features sleepwear made from our exclusive NATTWARM fabric, a luxury blend of ultra-fine merino wool and Lyocell fibers from eucalyptus. This exclusive combination of materials allows us to create breathable winter pyjamas that keep you comfortably warm throughout the night. But that’s not all. Additional to its exceptional breathability, our thermal sleepwear is also 50% lighter than sleepwear made from other fabrics – keeping you just as warm but with less weight. Studies have even proven that merino wool pyjamas enhance sleep quality, enabling us to sleep for 15 minutes longer! 

Merino wool is an extraordinary material. Due to its structure, it allows for 4x more breathability than cotton. This is because millions of air pockets in the wool lock in the heat, creating a natural defense against the cold. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about overheating as merino wool naturally provides excellent moisture management. Sweat is quickly transported away from the skin to keep you dry and warm throughout the night.  

Thanks to these unique qualities, merino wool pyjamas are the perfect sleepwear for any season. Plus, the wool is naturally anti-bacterial. Talk about superpowers! 

Dagsmejan’s cooperation with NATIVA™ 

To guarantee animal welfare and the highest quality for our products, Dagsmejan uses mulesing-free and certified merino wool for its NATTWARM fabrics. To allow for the highest transparency, we partner with NATIVA, a world leader in the production of ethical and sustainable merino wool.    

“By joining NATIVA™, the world's leading brands get to prove their strong commitment to transparency, sustainability and responsibility. They prove, above all, their respect for the new standards expected by consumers”, declares NATIVA. 

In order to make the journey from fiber to sleepwear traceable for our customers, all steps of the production are recorded on a Blockchain. The wool comes from certified farms that need to adhere to strict rules about ethical work policies, animal welfare and land management.  

By partnering with NATIVA, Dagsmejan is going the extra mile to ensure the merino wool used in the Stay Warm pyjamas complies with all our values on ethical and sustainable production. 

Discover our Merino Pyjamas 

Want to sleep better, deeper and longer? Then give our super comfortable, sustainable and breathable Stay Warm pyjamas a try! 


Soft, breathable warmth for cozy nights: Keep warm without overheating. Our lightweight merino wool sleepwear makes for the best wool pyjamas for women. Our collection includes styles like our popular Sleep Dress, Sleep Tops and Sleep Pants. Discover ultimate sleeping comfort with our winter pyjamas for women. 



Engineered for extraordinary breathability, moisture management and warmth. Made from a blend of the finest merino wool and eucalyptus fibers, you will sleep better and longer with our warm pyjamas for men.