Product test: the best cooling summer sleepwear

Struggling to sleep when the temperature rises? Then you are not alone, 1 in 3 struggles with being too hot at night and in the summer this challenge impacts even more people. Swiss sleepwear brand Dagsmejan has developed a cooling sleep solution, now put to the test.

Too hot to sleep

As the temperature rises during the day the nights get hotter and hotter as well. Hotter nights is unfortunately not that great for our sleep quality. To be able to fall asleep our core temperature needs to drop and to enjoy the best possible sleep quality we should avoid temperature fluctuations during the night.

Stay cool at night

One way to keep cool at night is to use cooling pajamas, but do they work?

For sleepwear to cool us down at night it needs to be lightweight and breathable helping to regulating temperature at night. If we get warm at night heat can be trapped against our skin and we overheat and start to sweat. It’s also important that our pjs manage moisture well, a great cooling pajamas should cool us down through evaporative cooling but also keep us dry by wicking moisture away from the skin.

Find out what our product testers and sleep experts think about Dagsmejan’s cooling pjs and if they really do the trick.

Putting Dagsmejan cooling sleepwear to the test

  1. Cooling you down at night?

Is Dagsmejan really cooling you down at night? Brenda @brenda.s.tavares tried out the stay cool collection for her summer travels: 

"Changes in ambient temperature, bedding and noise keep us awake some times. Dagsmejan sleepwear offers exceptional moisture management and temperature regulation to help you keep the optimal temperature for sleep. As a bonus, it's lightweight, fast-drying, anti-bacterial and wrinkle-resistant."

Cooling sleepwear

  1. Keeping you fresh and dry?
Don’t want to wake up sweaty at night even when the temperature rises? Katharina Renter (@happymisssixty) put Dagsmejan to the test and here is her feedback:

I love my nightwear from Dagsmejan so much! The feeling on the skin is unique. The fabric is smooth and has a temperature balancing effect and when it's hot, the cooling is immediate. I love that it’s natural and made with eucalyptus!

Cooling nightwear

  1. Super soft and smooth?

A light and soft pajamas can make us feel better and sleep better. Cerasela Bortos (@glamthug) says that Dagsmejan

”feels like a second skin. Lightweight, breathable and super soft are the key characteristics of a fabric that guarantees you a deeper & longer sleep.”

Cooling summer pajamas



What is the expert’s verdict on cooling pjs?

Dagsmejan was developed together with two leading Swiss academic institutions, EMPA, the Swiss federal institutions for innovation in materials and science and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in an interdisciplinary research project. All claims have been tested and verified by third party testing institutes. Dagsmejan works with a panel experts in sleep and recovery. Find out why they are convinced that Dagsmejan really help you to sleep better.

A good night's sleep is a decisive factor for delivering a top performance when it counts. Together with the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science & Technology (EMPA), the young Swiss company Dagsmejan has developed a new type of functional sleepwear that is ideally suited to the physiological needs of the sleeping body. Personally I can highly recommend these products.” 

— Dr. med. Patrik Noack, Chief Medical Officer Swiss Olympic Team, Medbase Sports Medical Center Abtwil 

“As a woman that sometimes struggles with night sweats and fluctuations in the bedroom temperature, I welcomed the idea of pjs that are soft and comfortable. I’ve enjoyed sleeping without waking up due to excessive sweating or overheating. The fabric is very comfortable and soft and the style is flattering and works really well”

— Dr. Funke Afolabi- Brown is a triple board-certified sleep medicine physician. She is passionate about helping people discover sleep as their superpower

“These pyjamas are a game-changer!   As a Sleep & Health Coach for women, I often see my clients struggle with night sweats or waking up feeling warm. I myself struggle with this as well from time mot time.

The pyjamas are incredibly lightweight and soft; you barely feel that you are wearing them. They stay in place, and they help you maintain your ideal temperature while you sleep. My go-to choice of sleepwear." 
— Annika Carroll, Women’s Sleep & Health Coach, FDN-P

What makes Dagsmejan sleepwear so cooling?

Dagsmejan cooling nightwear features NATTCOOL™ fabric made from Eucalyptus fibres, which pairs exceptionally low thermal resistance with high breathability. Excess heat is immediately released from your body so that you can enjoy a cool sleep comfort, and it is 8x more breathable than cotton. NATTCOOL™ has shown exceptional moisture management and temperature regulating properties compared to other natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo as well as compared to synthetic fabrics.

cooling pajamas for hot sleepers

Sleep cool. Guaranteed.

Dagsmejan offers a 14 day sleep comfort guarantee so you can try your new Dagsmejan for up to 2 weeks and if you don’t feel that they help you to sleep cooler and better you can send them back for a full refund. Give a cool night’s sleep a try with Dagsmejan.