How to Give Your Sleep Hygiene a Complete Makeover

Guest post by Drowsy Sleep Co.

Practicing good sleep hygiene is something overlooked by many. And we’re not just talking about your chronic insomniacs here. Sleep hygiene is important for everyone, of all ages. It’s something that we should all be implementing into our nightly routines without excuses. Because if we don’t sleep well, it directly impacts our health, our productivity and our relationships.

Now more than ever our sleep is being compromised. Work and financial stress alongside a certain not-to-be-named global situation has provided us with more worries and anxiety than ever before.  The unnerving feeling of the great unknown has disrupted our sleep on a huge scale and it’s time to do something about it.

The key to claiming back those deep, restful nights of sleep lies in creating a sleep-focused lifestyle. By building good habits and practices into your daily life you can sleep naturally and consistently every night.

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The Drowsy Sleep Co. bedtime routine is based on the Drowsy 3 Pillars of Sleep:

1. Rituals

Take time for yourself at the end of every day. A hot shower some light yoga or even breathing exercises and meditation give you time to switch off from the stress of the day and mentally prepare for deep sleep. Doing the same thing repetitively every night can train your body to respond to these psychological cues and let it know that sleep is coming. 

2. Environment

Creating a relaxing sleeping environment is essential. Your bedroom is your own personal zen den. Declutter and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you peace! Your bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing, nothing else.

Set the mood with low lighting and calming music. Use an aromatherapy product like the Drowsy Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray or diffuse the S.O.S essential oil blend to trigger the olfactory sensors in your brain which can help relax you and prepare you for sleep.

Invest in luxury accessories like the Midnight Blue silk eye mask, premium pillows and bed linen to make your bedroom a sanctuary from the world.

3. Sleep Habits

Healthy sleep habits should be made a priority in your life. Cutting out alcohol in the evenings, reducing screen time before bed, and avoiding caffeine, tobacco and heavy meals is crucial. Your body is extremely responsive to stimulants so cutting these out will keep you relaxed and signal to your body that it’s time to get Drowsy and ready for sleep. 

Using an alarm clock that’s synced to your biorhythm will wake you up in a light sleep stage to avoid you starting the day feeling sluggish and blurry eyed.

Make sleep a priority in your day from the moment you wake up. Write down some goals and objectives for your day and set aside time in the evening for yourself. When the evening arrives - unwind and destress with your own customised sleep ritual. Go to bed with the intention to rest, and sleep will come naturally!

We take sleep seriously at Drowsy and we are on a mission to provide natural sleep hygiene solutions to troubled sleepers around the world. Check us out at to see all our products, including our range of natural, non-addictive pillow sprays that could be the perfect tool to accompany your bedtime routine.

Drowsy Sleep Co. make natural sleep aids that transform your bedtime routine into an effective nighttime ritual.


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