Former downhill ski world champion Patrick Küng knows the importance sleep has on our performance, on and off the slope. That is what brought him to Dagsmejan and to explore how high performance sleepwear could enhance his sleep. We are happy to have Patrick onboard as convinced Dagsmejan ambassador! Read more about what sleeping smart and dreaming big means to him and the role Dagsmejan sleepwear plays in him getting a great night's sleep. 


Sleeping well is important for all of us but for pro-athletes it is decisive for winning or losing. When we fall asleep a growth hormone is released which helps our bodies to regenerate and repair. The more we exercise the more sleep we need. Studies has shown that athletes who sleep less than 8 hours on average are almost twice as likely to sustain sports injuries than those who sleep for more than 8 hours. So what does sleeping smart mean to Patrick Küng?

“ For me a good night’s sleep is the key to success. My motto is ‘strength is born of calmness’, with the right recovery and focus we find our strength.”

 Patrick Küng continues to share some of his tips for sleeping smart:

  1. Getting enough sleep: “it might sound simple enough but I find that one of the most important factors is to really prioritize my sleep and to ensure that I get enough sleep every night”
  2. Winding down: “During ski racing your body is pumped with adrenaline as you are focused on getting down that slope as fast and safe as possible. To get a good night’s sleep I find that I really need to start winding down well before going to bed to go from action to relaxation”
  3. Sleep routine: “Travelling during the competition season to different countries and time zones it can be difficult to fall asleep and to sleep through. I focus on sticking to my sleep routine, going to bed and waking up at the same time, during and after the season. This helps my body’s internal clock to be in synch”


With several world-cup wins and a World championship win under his belt Patrick knows what it means to see your dreams come true. Being a pro-athlete is not however only success and wins, it’s a long road to get to the top of the podium. Patrick explains what dreaming big means to him;

“Dreaming big is to continue dreaming even when the going gets tough. Make your dream your passion and you will find the strength to push through.”

Patrick continues to explain how success can turn to difficulty in a matter of seconds: “ My previous career was not always smooth sailing, there were also set backs. In March 2006 I suffered a severe leg injury when training and as a result I couldn’t compete the whole season 2006/07. This period was very difficult for me. I tried to not always think about ski racing and use the imposed break for further education.”

With the right recovery strategies Patrick managed to get back in health and back to winning. Now he says; “ I look forward to an injury-free season, a lot of snow and great ski racing!”


Being on the road for big parts of the year Patrick knows first-hand how difficult it can be to sleep well in a new environment;

“Travelling a lot for competitions I realize that hotel rooms can be a killer for my sleep, either too warm or too cold. With Dagsmejan I don’t have to worry about that anymore, these pyjamas makes my body feeling instantly at home.

Find out how high performance sleepwear can help you get the best possible sleep.



Patrick Küng Dagsmejan