Spring clean your sleeping habits

With spring comes more light which can help us to sleep better and feel more energized but there are also a few challenges with the change of season. Changing over to daylight saving time (DST) can impact our sleep-wake cycle, we are creatures of habit and initially the change of time can it make it more difficult to get a great night’s sleep.

Studies show that people on average sleep 40 minutes less the Monday after the change-over to DST than normally.

The season of bloom is also the season of allergies, close to 60% with allergies also report sleep problems as a result. During April the temperature also often fluctuates wildly which can make it difficult to stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone.

So as we welcome spring it’s also a good time to rethink our sleep routine—clean out the habits that don’t work and add some news to keep sleeping soundly till summer comes.

Habits to get rid off

Start the season fresh and energized by getting rid of some old habits…..

  1. Heating up your bedroom: regardless of the season a hot bedroom is bad for our sleep quality. As the outdoor temperature increases make sure to crank down that thermostat, ideally our bedroom should be below 18°C or 64.4 °F. Breathing in cold air helps us to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
  2. Indulging in heavy meals: during the winter time we sometimes eat more heavy food and might top it off with a couple of glasses of wine. This however can wreak havoc on our sleep quality, to boost our sleep it’s better to enjoy any heavier meals during the day and end the day with a light supper.
  3. Staying indoors: cozying up inside might seem like the best option during the darker months but it’s actually even more important to try to go outside to enjoy some natural light. This helps keep our wake-sleep cycle on track and boosts our mood.

Habits to add to our life

After a good spring clean we are ready to add some fresh new habits boost our sleep.

  1. Establish and keep a bedtime routine: changing over to daylight saving time and the increased light encouraging more activities, can sometimes mess with our circadian cycle. By going to bed and getting up at the same time every day and establishing a calming sleep routine we can improve our sleep quality and duration.
  2. Run outside: exercising outdoors is great for our sleep, the exposure to light helps our sleep-wake cycle and doing sports for at least 150 minutes a week can increase our sleep quality with up to 65%. If you are squeezed on time don’t despair, even a quick walk during lunch will have a real positive impact on your sleep and your mood.
  3. Pay attention to what is closest to your skin: Temperature regulating sleepwear, that releases excess heat whilst keeping you comfortable warm, is our best friend in the bedroom when season are changing. Keep the bed room window open to let in the fresh cold air and keep the best temperature for sleep with Dagsmejan sleepwear.

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