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Merino wool pyjamas—the best summer pyjamas

Merino wool pyjamas is not only great at keeping you warm when it's cold but also in making sure that you don't overheat when the temperature rises. This is thanks to the unique structure of the merino sheep's wool that helps us to moderate temperature fluctuations so that we stay longer in the ideal climatic comfort zone. 

Researchers from Australia have found that sleeping in wool pyjamas instead of cotton can give us up to 15 minutes’ extra sleep. 

Not only do we sleep longer we also sleep deeper by keeping the ideal sleeping temperature. Temperature fluctuations disturb our deep sleep in particular meaning that we wake up still feeling tired. Our sleep is split out in different sleep phases and if we are short of deep sleep or REM sleep our sleep quality will be lowered. 

Summer merino—Nature’s luxury temperature regulation

Merino wool truly is nature's wearable thermostat. At Dagsmejan we have used the finest, mulesing-free merino wool and infused it with a high-tech natural fibre called Tencel, made from eucalyptus tree fibres. This potent mix is the foundation of  Dagsmejan's Nattwarm™ fabric, which is 4x more breathable than cotton and with extraordinary moisture management properties. 

Merino fibres are great at regulating moisture. They can absorb 35% of their weight before feeling damp to the touch, most synthetic fabrics will feel wet after absorbing just 7%.

The unique structure of Tencel means it offers 50% better moisture management than cotton.

Another great perk of merino wool pyjamas is that they keep you smelling like roses night after night.

Merino wool absorbs all odor molecules and doesn't release them until you wash your merino sleepwear.

So you keep fresh even the temperature rises!

How to sleep better with merino sleepwear

The Dagsmejan Stay warm collection give ultra light, breathable warmth making it the ideal sleep companion in the summer as well as in the winter. Discover your perfect match and find out why merino pyjamas really are the optimal summer pyjamas!

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