We are very proud that Dagsmejan Sleepwear has been nominated for the Swiss Design Award 2019/20 in the category of the most innovative brands in Switzerland.


Dagsmejan's role in revolutionising a sleep category was vital in the nomination as explained by the nominators: 

"A convincing innovation, which created a product with a unique feature. How important good temperature regulation is for healthy sleep has been proved by relevant scientific studies. The nightwear by Dagsmejan satisfies a very real requirement to this extent. The company gives an extremely professional impression in all areas - product development, design, marketing and sales - and success should therefore be a certainty."

The nomination is a recognition of the multi-level innovation in Dagsmejan sleepwear that leads to a better and deeper sleep, scientifically proven. The best pyjamas should not only look good but also help us sleep better.


  1. Fibre innovation

The basis of Dagsmejan sleepwear are always the finest natural fibres. For each collection the ideal mix of fibres and treatments are selected to meet our physiological sleep needs. By combining patented technology with the best of nature we can improve our sleep in a totally sustainable way. This sets the ground for superior temperature regulation and moisture management and for the most comfortable pyjamas.

  1. Fabric innovation

The fibres are knitted together to create a fabric that measure up to stringent criteria measured through flat testing as well as torso testing. Depending on the collection different measurement levels needs to be achieved when it comes to air permeability (breathability), thermal resistance (how well a fabric holds or releases heat), water vapour resistance (how well a fabric holds or releases water vapour) as well as a number of other criteria relating to drying time, moisture transport, friction etc. The result is moisture wicking pyjamas that will help you keep the best temperature for sleep all night, every night.

  1. Sleep design

The fabrics are sown together in the most ergonomic way to support our sleep. We move on average 50 times every night and our skin is more sensitive to touch due to the increased blood flow, so it’s important that our sleepwear moves with us creating as little friction and discomfort as possible. For that reason all of Dagsmejan’s sleepwear have flat, front placed side seams and are totally tagless. Waistbands are wide and comfortable and all bottoms feature a gusset for optimal comfort. This makes Dagsmejan sleepwear the most comfortable pyjamas to wear.


Find out how you can sleep better with the smart pjs by Dagsmejan.

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