Dagsmejan nominated for the Swiss Economic Forum Award 2021

We are honored to announce the nomination of Dagsmejan for the Swiss Economic Forum Award 2021 in the field of production/trade. The award is considered the most important young entrepreneur award in Switzerland and honors outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in three different categories. 

At the same time, Dagsmejan is also nominated for the Prix Strategis, awarded by the HEC Espace Entreprise in Lausanne (Best Swiss Start-Up), the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award as well as the Masterpiece Talent 2021 by formforum Switzerland.

Swiss sleep innovation made in Europe

With functional sleepwear, Dagsmejan is revolutionizing an area that has remained virtually unchanged for the last 50 years. We still sleep with the same clothes we have been wearing for decades. This is despite the fact that, at the same time, a functional revolution has taken place in sportswear: with smart textiles and innovative fibres, clothing can adapt to the wearer's individual physiology. So how can it be that we still sleep in old cotton nightgowns or worn-out T-shirts?

This is the starting point for all of Dagsmejan's developments. Together with leading experts from the fields of material science, sleep research and textile engineering & design, the physiological needs of the sleeping body were taken into account for the creation of Dagsmejan’s functional nightwear. During the analysis, two factors really stood out to improve the overall quality of sleep: temperature regulation and moisture management.

The founders of Dagsmejan, Catarina Dahlin & Andreas Lenzhofer

Using innovative textile technologies, it was possible to refine natural fibres that already have good climatic properties in such a way that they are ideally suited to the needs of the sleeping body. Not only do they support the body's own thermoregulation and keep the body in the optimal climate zone for sleep, but they also wick away moisture much faster than regular cotton.

Equipped with the knowledge that our bodies are highly sensitive to touch during sleep, only the finest natural fibre from sustainable cultivation is used in the nightwear. The best sleeping comfort is what dictates the design in general: there are no scratchy labels and all seams have been placed in such a way that they neither disturb nor twist during sleep.

But it is not only in design that Dagsmejan takes a scientific approach. All products are extensively tested and claims validated by third-party institutes. That's why Dagsmejan can proudly say: Sleep innovation. Scientifically proven.

Sustainability is also a top priority at Dagsmejan: all fibres are FSC or PEFC certified, the production of the yarn as well as any further processing bear the Oekotex 100 label and every single production step entirely takes place in Europe.

Find out more about our production: From fibre to sleep or buy your functional nightwear now: