Dagsmejan & Vives - providing fresh water to communities in need

Water is the foundation of life, for ourselves and for our planet. But water is also a scarce resource. That's why we use botanic fibres that are exceptionally sustainable and need up to 20x less water than cotton

That's also why we started a partnership with Vives, a non for profit organization that work to provide clean water and educate communities in need on water and hygiene. 

Vives & Dagsmejan in Benin

The collaboration between Vives and Dagsmejan is focusing on helping families in Benin. Benin is a country in West Africa with about 11 million inhabitants and a rapidly growing population.

About 20 percent of the people, or one in five, have no access to clean drinking water. The north of the country in particular suffers from a lack of drinking water due to the dry areas and severe poverty.

Therefore, the inhabitants draw water from open water holes and rivers, which is often contaminated and causes infectious diseases. 

The goal of Vives is to improve living conditions and thus create the prospect of a better future for disadvantaged families and students through access to clean water. In the poorest communities of the sparsely populated, poorly developed department of Alibori in northern Benin, one in three families has no access to clean drinking water. In many settlements, the entire population defecates in the open because people do not know how important toilets are for hygiene. As a result, thousands of children die every year from diarrhoeal diseases that could have been avoided.

The Nim'Dora project by Vives supports six large communities in the department of Alibori in improving their water and sanitation supply and promotes hygiene in the villages and hamlets.

The focus of Vives is to provide access to water and sanitation in health centres and schools, as well as hygiene education for school children, who take their new knowledge back to their families and village communities. Several hundred people benefit directly from the project.

In addition, the project promotes local knowledge around the construction and maintenance of wells and latrines and the importance and use of sanitation and hygiene products. This enables the communities and families to maintain and develop their infrastructure themselves in the longer term.

Dagsmejan & Vives

Together with Vives we are introducing the limited edition «Flow like Water» to our Stay cool collection. For every sleep t-shirt sold 10 USD will be donated to Vives. This money will help families in Benin get access to fresh water and better infrastructure for long term benefits.

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Dagsmejan's sustainable sleepwear

At Dagsmejan we focus on every step of the way from fibre to sleep to ensure that we can provide the most sustainable pyjamas

The botanic fibres used in our collection of cooling pyjamas not only require 20x less water than cotton, they also need 5 times less high-quality farmland. Dagsmejan uses fibres from Lenzing, one of the most sustainable and ethical producers of any fibres worldwide.

Sustainable pyjamas

All processes (bleaching, knitting and dyeing) are Oekotex 100 certified, which means that the textiles are tested for harmful substances and ensures product safety. In addition to that, the fabrics are knitted and dyed according to STeP (Made in Green) certificates.

The dying technique used is called “cold pad batch dyeing” – this means that lower water temperature and less electricity are used. Cold pad batch dyeing is also considered more gentle for the fabrics, reducing the pilling and making them more long-lasting.

Cooling pajamas

Sleep better with cooling sleepwear

Overheating at night can seriously harm our sleep quality, our Stay cool collection is 8x more breathable than cotton and dries in 1/3 of the time. Sleep better in a totally natural and sustainable way.

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