What makes for the best winter pyjamas?

Ever wondered what to look for in a winter pyjamas? You want to stay warm but you don’t want to overheat during the night. 

Often, we are cold as we go to bed but we risk overheating during the night if we are wearing sleepwear that isn’t supremely breathable.

Did you know that our homes are 5°C warmer than 20 years ago? Central heating and better insulation has made for more comfortable days but sometimes we can be too warm at night.  

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When deciding on the best warm pyjamas there are a few different factors to look for:

1. Breathable warmth

It’s easy to warm up but we want to make sure that we don’t overheat during the night. That can lead to us becoming sweaty and uncomfortable and will lower our sleep quality.

By choosing a winter pjs that pair warmth with breathability you can sleep easy by keeping the ideal sleeping temperature.

2. Moisture management

If you do overheat and start to sweat you want to make sure that your winter pjs don’t become wet and clammy. Merino wool pyjamas naturally has a superior moisture management.

Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of their weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch so you don't need to worry about sweating while sleeping.

3. Ultralight

You want to make sure that your sleepwear feels like a second skin and not a bulky suit. If the material is too heavy and bulky it risk bulging and becoming uncomfortable.

4. Super soft

For a really cozy warmth your favorite winter pjs should also be super soft. During the night the blood flow in our skin increases so we are especially sensitive to touch. That’s why the softest pyjamas are the most comfortable pyjamas.

5. Warming design

In the ultimate thermal pyjamas look for cuffs and hems that hold in warmth rather than letting your warmth slip away. 

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Merino wool is the ideal fibre for a thermal pyjamas, as it helps to cool us down when we get hot. If we start to sweat the merino fibre absorbs it and evaporates the moisture on the outside of your thermal nightwear.

Merino pyjamas can absorb and release twice as much moisture vapour as cotton sleepwear and 30 times more than synthetic sleepwear.


The natural structure of merino wool creates insulating air pockets, trapping more air than any other fibre and building a natural defence against the cold.

If you get too warm the merino fibres transports the body's moisture vapour to the outside where they evaporate, keeping you comfortably cool.


Merino fibres are excellent at regulating moisture, absorbing 35% of their weight before feeling damp to the touch.

Most synthetic fabrics feel wet after absorbing just 7%. As an added bonus they are anti-smell, the merino wool fibre absorbs the odour and only releases it when you wash the garment again. 


Merino is scientifically proven to have therapeutic and healing properties for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers, which can flare up during the colder winter months for many of us. 

The extraordinary temperature and moisture regulation properties of merino wool creates an ideal micro-climate that is very beneficial when worn against sensitive skin.

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Breathable and featherlight sleep comfort

With a luxurious blend of the finest merino wool and Tencel from Eucalyptus, this collection of featherlight merino wool pjs will keep you comfortably warm without overheating. Discover the night comfort of NATTWARM™:

- 50% lighter warmth than other fabrics

- 4x more breathable than cotton

- 2x softer than cotton

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NATTWARM™ Fabric Technology

NATTWARM™ fabric has been specially engineered to offer ultra light warmth. Tested against fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and synthetics, NATTWARM™ is more warming than textiles up to 50% heavier making it ideal as thermal pyjamas.

Latest studies has shown that we can sleep up to 15 minutes longer with merino wool pyjamas by falling asleep faster and enjoying a deeper sleep.

Natural, sustainable, ethical

By combining two of nature's best functional fibres, ultra-fine merino wool and Tencel from Eucalyptus, the best of natural fibres and performance fibres have been achieved

Merino wool is a totally natural and sustainable fibre. While synthetic fibres take between 20 and 200 years to biodegrade, merino wool take only 6 months to biodegrade.

At Dagsmejan we only use certified, mulesing-free merino wool from farms that focus on the wellbeing of the animals in there are. Our merino yarn is even blue-sign certified and all steps of the production process of Dagsmejan sleepwear are Oekotex certified to ensure that we take care of not only our customers but also the environment.

So you can sleep easy with your merino pyjamas knowing that there is no adverse impact on the environment! 

Why was Dagsmejan named the best winter pyjamas?

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The independent look at all winter pjs out there and included Dagsmejan in their list of the best winter pyjamas. Their reasoning?

“If a good night’s sleep is crucial for you, and you want some science to back up your forty winks, invest in a pair of pyjamas from Swiss-born, Swedish-designed brand Dagsmejan.

The brand works with sleep scientists and textile experts to take inspiration from high-performance sportswear and use tailored technology to create the perfect pair of winter pyjamas that help your body to regulate heat and moisture during the night.

While we might not be sleep scientists, we were seriously impressed by the brand’s Stay Warm Sleepwear.“

Glamour magazine also nominated Dagsmejan as the best winter pyjamas for frosty nights. Their motivation was;

“Thanks to the mix of Merino wool and Tencel fibres this sleepwear makes sure that you keep the right temperature for sleep the entire night.”

Instyle highlighted how Dagsmejan’s merino wool sleepwear improves your sleep comfort;

“The breathable sleepwear keeps you warm the whole night without ever overheating and ensures that you enjoy a better sleep comfort.”