What to look for when buying thermal pyjamas

Want to find the ideal winter pyjamas but not sure what to look for? For the best possible sleep we should avoid getting hot and cold and night, by keeping the optimal temperature for sleep we can sleep deeper and longer. It might seem like an easy solution to go for a heavy flannel pyjama when the weather turns cold but is that really the best solution for your winter pjs?

Follow the easy check list below to set you up for some sweet winter dreams

  • Stay warm but don’t overheat: the ideal thermal pyjamas should keep you warm but still be breathable so that you don’t end up overheating during the night.
  • Warm and dry, not hot and sweaty: if we become too warm we start to sweat and as a result we afterwards become wet and cold. We need thermal nightwear that not only help us to keep the best temperature for sleep but also dry and comfortable.
  • Designed for warm comfort: you want your winter pyjamas to keep warmth in, this means cuffs and hems that doesn’t let our warmth escape
  • Super soft and cosy: escape the cold by wrapping yourself up in a warm pyjamas that also is super soft and cosy. When we sleep the blood flow to our skin increases which make us more sensitive to touch so we should have something truly comfortable closest to our skin at night.

What makes Dagsmejan the best thermal nightwear?

  1. The ultimate lightweight breathable warmth

Don’t worry about being hot and cold and night anymore. Dagmejan’s merino pyjamas offers the same warmth as other fabrics up to 50% heavier whilst being 4x more breathable than cotton. Merino wool has a natural crimp which leads to air pockets being trapped in the fiber, working as an insulator when it’s cold. If you get warm and begin to sweat the sweat will evaporate through the merino fibre helping to cool us down through evaporative cooling.

  1. Nature’s best moisture management

Dagsmejan’s merino sleepwear work with a combination of evaporative cooling and moisture wicking to stay dry whilst still helping to cool us down if need be. Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of it’s weight in moisture without feeling wet, whilst synthetic materials feel wet already after only 7%. Merino wool pyjamas has the added benefit of being naturally anti-bacterial so you stay fresh longer.

  1. Supreme fit and comfort

All Dagsmejan’s Stay warm thermal nightwear are designed to keep you comfortably warm throughout the night. With cuffs and hems keeping warmth in and over thumb sleeves that help to warm up your wrists and hands you can enjoy supreme night comfort. Did you know that we can fall asleep faster if our hands and feet aren’t cold? If our hands are cold this signals to the brain to not let our core temperature drop, which is needed to fall asleep.

  1. Super soft touch

Dagsmejan’s warm pyjamas is twice as soft as cotton. Some people might thing that wool is scratchy or an allergen but super-fine merino wool is both non-itchy as well as excellent for sensitive skin.

Discover how you can sleep better with Dagsmejan winter pyjamas

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