Ever wondered why you are sometimes hot and sometimes cold during the night? Night sweats can really decrease our sleep quality and sleep duration and as a result we wake up tired.

To be able to enjoy a good night's sleep we need to keep the right temperature. When we are feeling hot and cold at night, the very important deep sleep phases suffer and our sleep quality is reduced.

If we get too warm we start to sweat and afterwards we often become cold and start to shiver.

Many people are impacted by sweating at night. A study in the UK has shown that a third of patients visiting their local doctor complained of night sweats.

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Sweating is a perfectly normal physiological process; it helps regulate our temperature by cooling us down as the moisture evaporates from our skin.

Our body contains 60% water and we have 4 million sweat glands to be able to regulate our temperature.

We sweat all the time, even if we are sitting still, and lose up to 2.5 liters of fluid every day. On average we sweat one full cup of perspiration every night.

It’s not possible, nor desirable, to stop sweating while sleeping but we can alleviate the effects, in particular in the case of excessive sweating at night.

The amount we sweat at night is affected by a whole range of factors, such as our exercise habits, diet, dreams, choice of bedding or sleepwear, age and the temperature of our bedroom.

Our bedrooms are now about 5ºC warmer than in 1971 due to central heating and home insulation. This is comfortable during the day but can lower our sleep quality if we can’t release excess heat and start to sweat at night.

Sweating is also a common side-effect of some medications and is often experienced during the menopause, pregnancy or periods of anxiety.

In extreme cases night sweats can also be a sign of ill health so it is important to consult a doctor if excessive sweating at night is accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss.

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Luckily for most of us there are steps we can take to control night sweats and sweating at night while cold. 

1. Diet and drinks

Avoid foods that are difficult to digest before sleep, including high-fat or protein-rich foods, such as red meat and fried foods. Strong spices can also lead to sweating at night and sleep problems.

Alcohol is also associated with both night sweats and poor sleep quality, so reducing late-night drinking could also be beneficial.

2. Smoking 

Smoking and inhaling second hand smoke has also been linked with night sweats.

3. Exercise at the right time

Doing sports is a great way to improve your sleep, in particular if you do it outdoors and get the additional benefit of exposure to natural light during the day.

Avoid exercising 2 hours before going to bed however as you otherwise might be too energised or too warm to fall asleep.

4. Ice down

Keep a glass of ice water next to your bed and have a cold facecloth available in case you wake up feeling overheated. 

5. Cooler room temperatures 

A cooler temperature helps us to sleep better, as breathing in cold air helps to keep our core temperature low which supports a better sleep quality. We also reduce the risk of night sweats this way.

Aim to keep your room temperature below 18 C / 65 F.

6. Temperature and moisture regulating sleepwear

Use moisture wicking and breathable sleepwear that help to regulate your temperature and that work as a complement to a cold bedroom.

It’s important that your clothing doesn’t become wet as you then will wake up cold instead.

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By not feeling and cold at night and staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone we can enjoy a deeper and longer sleep.

If we get cold we start to shiver, this is our muscles contracting to build up heat. The unfortunate side effect is a disturbed sleep however. If we get too warm we start to sweat, if we are wearing the wrong sleepwear it can become wet and clingy which lowers our night comfort. 

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