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Dagsmejan sleepwear for mums and baby is not only based on sleep research and scientifically tested. It's also tested and approved by real mums. During the development process 30 mums and babies were sleeping in Dagsmejan, their feedback has been incorporated into the product design. The result? The most comfortable nursing pajamas and baby sleepsuits you can imagine!

Read more about why out test mums love their Dagsmejan pyjama and how it has helped them on every step of the way from pregnancy throughout nursing


Catarina & baby Carl

"It feels like I am not wearing anything at all :) No irritating seams or pressures, and the fabric keeps me the right temperature and is wonderfully soft. When Carl wears the Dagsmejan baby sleepwear, his skin feels nice and warm without ever overheating. Absolutely recommendable!!"


Zijada and baby Sara

"I slept already countless number of nights in the Dagsmejan MUM sleepwear – just really love it! It feels like wearing nothing – just totally comfy. The general comfort of the baby sleepwear is best ever. I will definitely buy another set for my daughter and would absolutely recommend the Dagsmejan baby sleepwear products to other parents."


Karin and baby Sanni

”I definitely sweat a lot less during the night and the nursing flap is just genius – very handy. The fabric feels just like a 2nd skin. We really like the PJ for our daughter Sanni, especially the color and the fabric and that she gets the perfect thermoregulation she needs for a goodnight sleep. The cuteness-factor of the styles is best ever ;-)”





"The sleepwear is very comfortable and I do not sweat in it. The pants are super comfy as they don't press against the belly making it a lot easier to fall asleep. I think it has a positive impact on my pregnancy and sleep, as I need to get up a few times during the night , it‘s important to fall asleep easily. I also love to wear the combination at home and not only as nightwear."



"It just feels like you are wearing nothing, so comfortable. I like that it is very light and pleasant. The nightdress is not too long so it doesn't hang over your legs, which I find extremely good. It's fantastic that it adapts to your body as your baby-bump grows, so you can wear it at all stages of pregnancy and afterwards. Exactly what you need during the night to relax and sleep well, also perfect for breastfeeding!"

Discover why mums love Dagsmejan

the most comfortable nursing pajamas ever

Find out for yourself how you can sleep better with Dagsmejan nursing pajamas:

Supreme temperature regulation— 6x more breathable than cotton

4x better than cotton at regulating moisture 

- 2x softer than cotton

Bump friendly with easy nursing access