Research and development


By understanding our nightly temperature and sweat patterns, as well as sleep positions and movements, we have designed a unique range of clothing optimised for sleep.

  • Both flat testing and torso laboratory testing have confirmed Dagsmejan’s superior temperature and moisture management/sweat wicking properties. Dagsmejan has worked with Empa, the renowned Swiss federal institution for innovation in materials and science, to ensure that the fibre mix and construction of the garment meets our body’s needs during sleep.  
  • To ensure an ideal fit and supreme comfort, 50 men and women of varying ages and sizes tested Dagsmejan sleepwear. We received feedback on every aspect of our sleepwear—from seams and waist bands to the lengths of the sleeves and the feel of the fabric—this feedback has been incorporated into our designs. 



Thanks to our extensive research and testing carried out with leading partners in the fields of smart textiles and sleep we have been able to ensure that Dagsmejan sleepwear truly delivers on its promise. The optimal fibre and knitting techniques we employ were selected after thorough laboratory testing to ensure that we could deliver superior temperature regulation and moisture management, as well as a super soft touch. The sleepwear’s ergonomic comfort was also tested extensively in consumer fit trials. 

Dagsmejan's collaboration parter EMPA

Empa is Dagsmejan’s research partner on an interdisciplinary research project investigating the sleep ecosystem. Empa is home to some 1,000 scientists, engineers, technicians and general staff, making it a world-renowned research institute for innovation in materials science and technology.

Dagsmejan's collaboration parter HSLU

The Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts is Dagsmejan’s research partner on an interdisciplinary research project investigating the sleep ecosystem. Founded in 1877, the Lucerne School of Art and Design today offers strong expertise in research and development, making it one of Switzerland's leading providers of degree programmes in art and design.

Dagsmejan collaborates with leading partners to ensure that we deliver sleepwear of the highest quality. From the sourcing of the yarn to the knitting and dyeing—all steps are OEKO-TEX® certified to ensure our consumers receive a product that meets the highest safety standards.

We are very proud that Dagsmejan was selected as one of eastern Switzerland’s five most innovative start-ups in 2017. In 2018 Dagsmejan was selected the winner of the A' Design Award Silver in Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design for our ground-breaking design combining the finest natural fibres with integrated thermoregulation structures. 

A design award winner Dagsmejan