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Merino wool is truly nature's best sleeping pill! Merino offer breathable warmth combined with excellent moisture regulation and is scientifically proven to help you sleep deeper and longer. Find out why merino wool makes for the best thermal sleepwear. 

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Merino wool pyjamas are your best bed companion in any season. The natural crimp of the fibre works as an insulator and natural defence agains the cold. It creates air pockets which trap more air than any other fibre and that way act as a protection against chilly temperatures and ensure that you don’t feel cold at night. It’s the merino wool sheep’s way of keeping warm also when the temperature drops to below-10°C.

At the same time it's exceptionally breathable so that you don't overheat. When the temperature rises the light weight and breathable merino wool keeps the sheep cool even in the scorching heat. This will also help you to keep the ideal sleeping temperature and make sure you don’t start to sweat while sleeping.

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The best thermal nightwear should not only keep you warm, but also ensure that you stay dry. If we get too warm and start to sweat our sleepwear can easily become wet and cold.

Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight in sweat without feeling wet compared to 7% for synthetics. Wool pjs absorb and release 2x the moisture vapour as cotton and 30x more than synthetic materials. 

Tencel from Eucalyptus is also one of the best moisture managers. The super fine fibre leads moisture to outside of the fabric where it dries quickly. That's why you can enjoy extraordinary night comfort with Dagsmejan's thermal pyjamas.

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Another reason why merino wool makes for the best thermal nightwear are the anti-bacterial properties, keeping you fresh all night long. The extraordinary breathability and temperature regulation properties helps you minimise night sweats, but if you do overheat the odour molecules are absorbed in the core of the merino wool fibre. They are then only released when you wash your merino pyjamas. As a result you keep smelling of roses!

The science behind great night comfort

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The science behind the best thermal pyjamas is NATTWARM™. NATTWARM™ fabric is 2 times softer than cotton and 4 times more breathable. This ultra-light, super soft fabric will keep you as warm as other fabrics up to 50% heavier making it the best thermal nightwear to avoid being cold at night.

All of the benefits have been confirmed by independent testing institutes. Studies have shown that you can sleep up to 15 minutes longer with merino pyjamas by keeping the best temperature for sleep.  

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Sleep better with certified mulesing free merino sleepwear

sustainable and ethical

Dagsmejan’s thermal nightwear is made of nature’s luxury performance fibres, merino wool and Tencel from Eucalyptus. Both fibres don’t only have superior thermoregulation properties, but they are also exceptionally ecological. Part of nature’s eco system, they are both renewable and biodegradable.

At Dagsmejan we only use certified, mulesing-free merino wool from South America, New Zealand and Australia. Tencel from Eucalyptus is one of the most sustainable fibres available. It requires up to 20 times less water than cotton. Our merino yarn is even blue-signed certified and all Dagsmejan sleepwear are Okeotex certified. The full production process takes place in Europe with partners as dedicated as us to an ethical and sustainable production. 

How Dagsmejan thermal pyjamas helps you to sleep better

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A luxurious blend of the finest merino wool and TENCEL™ from eucalyptus provides exceptional breathability with high thermal resistance, meaning you stay comfortably warm without overheating. Thermal nightwear that is proven to keep you as warm as other fabrics up to 50% heavier whilst being 4 times more breathable than cotton. The result? You keep the best temperature for sleep.



By blending two fibres with advanced moisture management, you feel dry even if you sweat and thanks to the antibacterial properties you will stay smell-free. The moisture transport of TENCEL™ is 50% better than cotton and merino wool sleepwear can absorb 35% of their weight in moisture vs 7% for synthetics. Merino wool can absorb and release twice as much moisture vapour as cotton and 30 times more than synthetics making it the ideal fibre for the best thermal pyjamas.


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Comfortable warmth is combined with exceptional fit. Merino pyjamas with a tagless design, ergonomic seams, and stretchy waistbands keep you covered and cosy while you sleep. Enjoy cosy over-thumb sleeves to keep your hands as comfortable as the rest of your body. Explore the feeling of the most comfortable thermal sleepwear in the world.



When we sleep blood flow to our skin increases which makes us more sensitive to touch, so you want to make sure that you are wearing the softest pyjamas to enjoy the best night comfort. 

Dagsmejan thermal pyjamas feature ultra-light fabric, infused with merino wool, that is soft against delicate skin, providing warming night comfort. Dagsmejan NATTWARM™ is twice as soft as cotton. The days of itchy wool are long gone. Experience the softness of merino wool pyjamas.