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20min recommends Dagsmejan as the best pyjamas for menopause that will keep you cool and comfortable all night.

"Made from lightweight eucalyptus fibers, this playsuit will keep you nice and cool all night"

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Best menopause pyjamas

Are you struggling with hot flashes at night? then you are not alone, 75% of women have hot flashes during menopause. With the right menopause nightwear you alleviate the symptoms significantly. It's important to choose a fabric that is breathable and that handles moisture well. Dagsmejan sleepwear works on two levels to cool you down and keep you dry during hot flashes. With evaporative cooling your temperature drops and with moisture wicking abilities you stay comfortably dry. Discover the best pyjamas for menopause, at Dagsmejan we have 2 collections designed to meet your needs. 

The stay cool collection

This is the best cooling pyjamas for menopause, 8x more breathable than cotton it dries in 1/3 of the time. It is cooler than linen, smoother than silk and better at moisture management than cotton. This is really the ultimate cooling pyjamas for women, all year round. 

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The balance collection

This collection of temperature regulating pyjamas is 6x more breathable than cotton and 4x better at moisture management helping you to stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone all night. This moisture wicking pyjamas helps is also super soft and cozy. 

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