Higher quality sleep with Dagsmejan

Metro recommends Dagsmejan sleepwear as the ideal option for a longer and deeper sleep. 

"Swiss technical sleepwear company, Dagsmejan have developed pyjamas alongside sleep scientists that have been scientifically proven to increase the quality and length of your sleep by keeping your body at an optimum temperature.

‘This is perfect for spending nights in hospital to ensure you get enough quality sleep, plus there is also a maternity range (and baby range) for new mothers going into hospital to give birth,’ a spokesperson for the company told Metro.co.uk."

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Dagsmejan pjs

About Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan is a Swiss Swedish brand that develop smart sleepwear, scientifically proven to boost your sleep comfort and quality. The collections have been developed in collaboration with academic partners in Switzerland and Europe, all claims are independently tested and verified. 

Dagsmejan uses the finest natural fibres and the whole production takes place in Europe, from the spinning of the yarn to the knitting and dyeing of the fabric to the final garment making. This way you can sleep better in a totally natural and ethical way. 

dagsmejan pajamas

Dagsmejan delivers worldwide and offer free returns from the US, the UK, the EU and Switzerland. 

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