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Find out why Woman's World recommend as the ideal menopause sleepwear for some cool and comfortable sleep without having to worry about hot flashes at night.

"Of all of the important activities we engage in on a daily basis, sleep just might be our favorite. Every night, while we’re busy dreaming, our bodies are hard at work, releasing hormones that help to repair our cells, control our energy, and boost our immune systems (a very important function in the midst of a public health crisis!). But for women who suffer from menopause-induced hot flashes, or night sweats, as they’re commonly known, getting quality shut-eye without a pair of proper cooling pyjamas can be a challenge, to say the least.

Luckily, we’ve discovered a science-backed, doctor-recommended brand just in time for World Sleep Day TK IS THAT TODAY? that was specifically designed to keep you cool throughout the night, hot flashes be darned. Ladies, say hello to your new go-to sleepwear: Dagsmejan’s Stay Cool line (from $79.90, Dagsmejan).

Made with natural eucalyptus fiber, which has both moisture-wicking and evaporative cooling properties, this lightweight sleep tank  ($79.90), pyjamas shorts ($79.90), and sleep dress ($99.90), are eight times more breathable than cotton. They also release water 60 percent better than your old cotton standbys and dry 1/3 times quicker.

That’s good news, since sleep expert Dr. Rebeca Robbins, PhD, MS, and author of Sleep for Success ($14.36, Amazon) tells Woman’s World that staying cool throughout the night is vital to your sleeping health — particularly for those suffering from night sweats. “A warm room being good for sleep is actually a myth,” she says. “A cool temperature is absolutely essential for sleep, as a low core body temperature is associated with shorter sleep onset, but also, a warmer environment causes more sleep fragmentation and nightmares.”

Add in the sweating and unexpected feelings of heat all over the body caused by changing and decreasing levels of estrogen that Robbins says affect approximately 75 percent of women in their menopausal years, and you’ve got a recipe for less-than-adequate slumber. “Prior to a hot flash, body temperature rises, accompanied by an awakening which disrupts sleep, reduces sleep quality, and can result in next-day sleepiness,” she tells us.

Robbins adds that women experiencing menopause commonly report more insomnia than other life stages. Specifically, research shows that 61 percent report insomnia symptoms.  Yikes!


In addition to keeping your bedroom around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and using a fan, Dagsmejan’s sleep-friendly pj’s can play a huge part in your nighttime comfort. As Robbins points out, “Our body temperature ebbs and flows over the night, so it is important to consider this as you choose sleepwear or other elements of the bed itself.”

That means choosing materials, like the moisture-wicking material Dagsmejan uses from the eucalyptus tree, that will give your sweat an outlet away from your body. “The best fabric is that which is silky and cozy to the touch and to your personal preference,” Robbins says. “What makes Dagsmejan unique is myself and other scientists advise the company on optimal avenues for product design, fabrics, and other components that are backed by science.”

That goes for chillier months, too. “Our sleep changes dramatically from season to season,” Robbins explains. “For instance, we sleep for less time in the summer than in the winter months. Temperature is of course an important factor in seasonal differences to sleep.”

While the company’s Stay Cool line will keep your body at optimal sleeping temperature for the warmer months to come, its Stay Warm line of leggings, long-sleeve shirts, tees, and more are made from what Robbins calls “the finest merino wool, which is proven to provide 50 percent lighter warmth than other fabrics.”

Sweat-free sleep all year long? We’ll take it!"

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