Best gift: The Perfect Pyjamas

Find out why Town & Country refer to Dagsmejan as the best thermal pyjamas out there and the best gift for skiers!

"There are no better pyjamas out there that you’d want to slip into after a long, cold day on the slopes." 

Best thermal pajamas

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Merino pyjamas


Dagsmejan's Stay warm collection is 4x more breathable than cotton whilst offering the same warmth as other fabrics up to 50% heavier. The mix of two of nature's most luxurious fibres, super-fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres, provide unrivalled lightweight warmth.

Merino pyjamas women

The men's merino wool pyjamas is available in winter night, burgundy, dark grey, dusty pink, ice blue and walnut. Featuring both wool pyjamas tops and bottoms as well as a merino nightgown

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Merino pyjamas men

The women's collection of merino wool pyjamas is available in pine green, blue melange, winter night, ice blue, dark grey and walnut. Featuring both long and short wool pyjamas styles you can mix and match to find your ideal combination.

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