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The Beverly Hills magazine highlights Dagsmejan in their gift giving edition as the ideal thermal pyjamas to transition into a colder season. 

"With crisp fall temperatures and earlier sunsets on the horizon, it’s time to switch from breezy shorts and tanks to long sleeves and sweats for fall so that your sleep doesn’t suffer.

Dagsmejan, the Swiss-Swedish brand scientifically designed to help you get a better night’s sleep, was created with the help of sleep experts and scientists from around the world to offer revolutionary sleepwear and loungewear that regulates your body’s temperature to help you have a deeper, longer night of sleep.

Dagsmejan’s Stay Warm Collection is ideal for transitioning to the colder months, since the brand’s trademarked, sustainably-sourced Merino Wool fabric keeps the body toasty, but not sweaty, for the perfect night’s sleep as well as is:

  •  50% lighter warmth than other thermal sleepwear
  • 4x more breathable than cotton
  • 2x softer than cotton

Beverly Hills Magazine DAGSMEJAN Sleep Pants Cuff 

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Find out why Dagsmejan has been named the most comfortable pyjamas in the world. Combining natural fibres with the latest textile technologies Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to help boost sleep comfort and quality. Find your ideal match

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most comfortable pajamas in the world


This collection of thermal pjs combine superfine merino wool with eucalyptus fibres to offer unrivalled featherlight and breathable warmth. 

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Looking for the best pyjamas for night sweats? Then this collection of moisture wicking pyjamas is your ideal match. 6x more breathable than cotton with 4x better moisture management you can sleep easy. This also makes the Balance collection the best menopause nightwear

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Looking for a temperature regulating pyjamas that will keep you cool all night? The stay cool collection is 8x more breathable than cotton and dries in a third of the time. 

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