How to pick the best sheets for a good night’s sleep

Guest post by Undercover Living

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with minimal distractions and taking time to unwind before bedtime are key to getting a good night’s rest. But what about the materials in and on your bed, could they play a role in the quality of your sleep? If you consider that we spend a third of our lives in bed, surely the sheets we sleep in shouldn’t just be an afterthought?

With lots of options to choose from, how do you know which sheets to actually go for?

Tencel bedsheets

Here are some quality indicators to look out for:

Natural fibres

Check the label: sheets advertised as ‘cotton-rich’ may still contain a large percentage of polyester, which doesn’t breathe and will have you getting night sweats in no time. Cotton and linen are natural fibres known for their breathability. At Undercover, we combine cotton with TENCEL™, a luxurious fibre made from sustainably sourced tree fibres such as eucalyptus. TENCEL™ is temperature regulating, super soft and breathable. 

Yarn quality vs. thread count

Not all cotton sheets are created equal. Over time, we’ve been led to believe that thread count is related to quality so the higher the number the better the quality, right? Well, not necessarily. Thread count is the total number of threads both horizontally and vertically per square inch of fabric. 

When it comes to thread count, it is quality not quantity that matters. Many manufacturers up their thread count with inferior, short staple cotton yarns. At Undercover, we insist on long staple yarn derived from larger cotton bulbs. This produces a much finer yarn that’s more resistant to pilling and wear. 


Another important factor is the attention to detail and expertise that goes into the production process. Our manufacturers in Portugal have been operating for over 70 years, providing confidence that the products will stand the test of time, from the quality of the weave to components such as zips. You can also sleep easy knowing your bedding has been fairly produced without causing harm to the environment or the workers who crafted the products. 

tencel sheets


If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. £50 for an Egyptian cotton duvet set with a 600 thread count? Think about how much the raw materials must have cost once markups etc. have been taken off. While more expensive certainly doesn’t automatically mean better, beware of low prices promising luxurious quality. 


Certifications such as “OEKO-TEX” (free from harmful chemicals), “GOTS” (Global Organic Textile Standard) or the official “TENCEL™” designation are helpful quality indicators. The entire supply chain has to be audited on a regular basis for products to carry these rigorous standards. 

tencel pyjamas

Quality sheets, quality sleepwear

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