Sleep and menopause: a guide to better summer sleep

Is menopause worse in the summer?

As the temperature rises outside our body and skin temperature also increases. As a result we can experience more hot flashes at night which can make it difficult to sleep well during the summer months. Studies have shown that hot flashes are particularly prevalent during July, but there are actions we can take to cool down and sleep better.

Cool down and beat the hot flashes

By changing our life style and ensuring that we keep our sleep environment cool we can beat the hot flashes and sleep better even as the temperature rises. 

  1. Eat your way to a better sleep this summer

Heavy meals and spices keep our metabolism busy during the night which will drive our temperature up as well. Eat any bigger meals during the night and keep the dinner light for a cooler sleep. You can also try some snooze food for an additional sleep and mood boost. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that acts as a natural mood regulator and is the precursor to melatonin, can help us to sleep better. This can be found in foods such as wild-caught fish, turkey, sesame seeds, cashews and almonds.

  1. Time your exercise right

Try to exercise earlier in the day, if we exercise just before going to bed our body temperature is elevated which can make it difficult to fall asleep and increase the risk of hot flashes. Doing some exercises outdoors has the additional benefit of exposing us to natural light which helps to keep our sleep-wake cycle on track and boosts our body’s natural Vitamin D production. Vitamin D is great for boosting our immune system so helps to ward of illnesses. 

  1. Keep a cool bed room

Cool down your bed room by keeping your curtains drawn/ shutters closed at day and your window open at night. If your room still is too hot you can hang a wet sheet in the window, the water will evaporate during the night creating a cooler sleeping environment. Use light, breathable bed sheets. If you want another cooling booster you can keep a glass of ice water next to your bed in case you wake up with hot flashes.

  1. Wear cooling pyjamas for menopause

The right sleepwear can make a huge difference for our night comfort and sleep quality. The best menopause sleepwear should help to cool you down through evaporative cooling and keep you dry with moisture wicking properties. The ideal menopause pyjamas is light-weight and breathable so that we don’t overheat during the night.

Find out why Dagsmejan is the best sleepwear for menopause

Dagsmejan sleepwear is developed to meet your physiological sleep needs and to ensure that you stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone during the night. Depending on your sleep type and season you can find your ideal menopause pyjamas. All collections are based on the finest, natural fibres and are sustainably produced in Europe.

Balance- moisture wicking pyjamas

Based on beechwood fibres the balance collection is ideal if you are sometimes warm and sometimes cold during the night. 6x more breathable than cotton and with 4x better moisture management these are your ideal hot flash pjs all year round.



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Stay cool — cooling sleepwear

Cooler than linen, smoother than silk and better moisture management than cotton. Based on eucalyptus fibres this collection of cooling pyjamas for menopause are 8x more breathable than cotton and dries in 1/3 of the time. Ideal if you have a tendency to overheat or during the summer.


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Stay warm — merino sleepwear

If you are looking for ultra-light, breathable warmth then look no further. This collection feature a blend of the finest merino wool and eucalyptus fibres, 4x more breathable than cotton it’s a great pyjamas for menopause


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