Nature’s high tech fiber meets sleep design: the merino pyjamas

Want to sleep deeper and longer? Merino wool pyjamas is scientifically proven to be nature’s sleeping pill. So put the cap back on the ambient jar and try a totally natural solution instead.

Studies at the University of Sydney have shown that you can sleep up to 15 minutes longer with merino pjs compared to cotton pyjamas by enjoying a more restful sleep.

So how does it work?

Keep the best temperature for sleep with merino pyjamas

Merino wool is naturally both temperature regulating and great at moisture transport making it an outstanding moisture wicking pyjamas.

  • The ideal sleeping temperature: the structure of the merino wool creates insulating air pockets which helps to keep us warm even when the temperature drops.
  • Beat the night sweats: with merino sleepwear you don’t need to worry about overheating and if you do get too warm the merino fiber will transport your moisture vapour to the outside of the garment evaporate, cooling you down to a comfortable temperature for sleep. Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of their weight in moisture before feeling wet so you stay dry.
  • Keep smelling like roses: Wool pyjamas are naturally anti-bacterial so you can use your merino wool pyjamas for longer without it smelling of feeling less than fresh. 

The best of two natural super fibres

Merino wool is not the only super fibre in Dagsmejan’s stay warm collection. The NATTWARM fabric also contain Tencel from Eucalyptus. The unique structure of Tencel means that a Tencel pyjamas offer up to 50% better moisture transport than cotton. The superfine capillaries of the fiber also release excess heat very well, as a result a Tencel pyjamas is much more breathable than a cotton pyjamas.

The sleep research behind Nattwarm™ fabric

Based on the two super fibres an ultra-light and breathable fabric has been created. Nattwarm fabric is twice as soft as cotton and 4 x more breathable. Despite the light softness of the fabric it will keep you as warm as other fabrics up to 50% heavier making it the best thermal pyjamas. The fabric has been tested both in flat testing and torso testing by independent testing institutes.

The stay warm collection is designed for sleep, moving with you during the night without letting cold in. With flat ergonomic seams and a tagless design you don’t have to worry about anything rubbing against you or creating discomfort.

Discover what wool pyjamas can do for your sleep comfort

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