Pyjamas That Keep You Cool

What's the secret for perfect summer pyjamas that keep you cool? Even though many people love the warmest season of the year, for others summer does not only mean sunny days and icecreams, but also (and maybe especially) uncomfortably warm nights. The good news is that with the right cooling sleepwear you can make sure that you enjoy a cool night's sleep regardless of the temperature! Discover what to look for when it comes to cooling nightwear shopping:

Temperature regulating pyjamas

First, the key to not overheat is ensuring that excess heat is released from your body as quickly as possible. This is where natural fibres come into play: in fact, they are more breathable than synthetics and are inherently better at releasing the heat. Always keep in mind that light-weight natural materials are a good starting point for a cool sleep comfort.

Moisture wicking AND evaporative cooling

The best summer pyjamas should not only be moisture wicking, namely keeping you dry, but should also help to cool you down. Natural fibres absorb moisture and reduce your body temperature through evaporative cooling, on the other hand fabrics like cotton for example can become drenched, uncomfortably wet and cold. Make sure your summer pyjamas combines both moisture wicking and evaporative cooling features to guarantee you the best sleep comfort!

Cooling comfort fit

The fit of your cooling nightwear also plays a major role in the overall sleep comfort experience: a loose, breezy fit allows your skin to breathe - and so can you. To avoid having restless sleeps, make sure that your cooling nightwear doesn't have any tight waistbands that cut in during the night, scratchy seams or buttons that get tangled in your hair or in your bed sheets. Less is more!

Smooth to the touch 

Smoother and softer fabrics are also cooler to the touch. This is because the more friction and structure a fabric has, the more heat it will isolate, keeping you warm instead of cooling you down as a result. Look for a soft summer pyjama that makes you forget about wearing one!

best cooling pajamas

Why Dagsmejan has been named the best cooling pyjamas

Customers have named Dagsmejan the most cooling nightwear and their ideal bed companion for the hot summer nights. Read what the they think of Dagsmejan breathable sleepwear:

"Love this sleep t-shirt, and I’ll be wearing it all summer. Ultralight on the skin, and it washes beautifully. The shape of the neckline and the cutaway around the shoulders are especially well designed for comfort and ease of movement" - Linda

"You really feel better if you usually overheat during your sleep. The fabric cools nicely and helps to regulate the temperature. Highly recommended!" - Luis  

Media and journalists also put Dagsmejan to the test and featured it among the best and most comfortable sleepwear brands:  

"A luxurious bedroom calls for luxurious sleepwear, and Dagsmejan sets the standard with the most comfortable pyjamas. Five collections offer mix and match pieces focused on balance, staying warm, staying cool, recovery and relaxation. Whether he prefers long or short pants and sleeves, everything comes in the softest, most breathable fabric – Dagsmejan’s own trademarked blend of nature’s performance fibers. Sweet dreams, indeed." - Forbes

 "The material is made to stay cool and wick moisture, even if you sweat while sleeping. They’re cut to flatter but stay loose to give maximum breathability." - Daily Beast

pajamas that keep you cool

Discover Dagsmejan cooling sleepwear

Is a cool, smooth and restful sleep what you're looking for? Then Dagsmejan cooling sleepwear is perfect for you. With the help of eucalyptus, the NATTCOOL™ fabric combines low thermal resistance with high breathability, making sure that the heat is quickly relesead from your body. The result? With a fabric that is 8x more breathable than cotton, nightsweats and overheating are a distant memory. 

Mens Summer Pyjamas

Don't let the summer temperatures ruin your sleep: finally forget about nightsweats with Dagmejan's moisture wicking pyjamas for men, engineered to let you sleep peacefully even during warm nights. 


Womens summer Pyjamas

Thanks to its featherlight, scientifically proven fabric, Dagmsejan’s cooling sleepwear for women keeps you at the best temperature, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep.