STOP COUNTING SHEEP: Sleep 15 minutes longer with merino wool pyjamas


What we are wearing at night can actually impact how long we sleep and how fast we fall asleep. Researchers from Australia have found that sleeping in wool pyjamas instead of cotton gives you up to 15 minutes’ extra sleep. With the time constraints of modern day life these are precious minutes helping us to wake up more energised and rejuvenated.

So how does merino wool help you to stop counting sheep and start sleeping better? Researcher Dr Paul Swan, from the University of Sydney, said:

"Maybe it is not a coincidence because wool regulates your body temperature far better, keeping you in what is known as 'the thermal comfort zone'. You therefore not only fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, but also have deeper, better quality sleep.”

This was no surprise to us at Dagsmejan, we have been developing a brand new collection of sleepwear combining the best of nature’s performance fibres. The Stay Warm collection with our unique Nattwarm™ fabric has been specially engineered to offer ultralight warmth and sleep comfort. We selected the finest merino wool and infused it with smart Tencel fibres to create a super-soft and comfortable finish.

Nattwarm fabric is scientifically proven to be twice as soft as cotton and 4 times more breathable. It will keep you as warm as other fabrics up to 50% heavier without ever risking to overheat.

The luxurious blend of Merino Wool and Tencel also gives Nattwarm extraordinary moisture management properties. Merino fibres are excellent at regulating moisture, absorbing 35% of their weight before feeling damp to the touch. Most synthetic fabrics feel wet after absorbing just 7%.

The unique structure of Tencel means it offers 50% better moisture management than cotton.

Temperature has a huge impact on our sleep quality and sleep has a huge impact on our life quality. With the right materials we can take one step towards a better night's sleep. 

Check out the Dagsmejan collection of Stay Warm sleepwear and discover what ultimate sleep comfort really feels like.

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