The doctor’s advice: how to choose the best menopause sleepwear

Did you know that up to 75% of women sleep worse during menopause, both experiencing a lower sleep quality as well as sleeping up to 40 minutes less every night? The most common menopause sleep problems are hot flashes at night, sleep apnea and menopause insomnia.

Over 60% of women complain of menopause insomnia symptoms and ¾ of women suffer from hot flashes at night.

There are actions we can take to sleep better during menopause and to combat menopause sleep problems. One action that many might not be aware of is choosing the right sleepwear.

How to choose the right menopause pyjamas?

Doctor Marco Fritz-Naville, one of Switzerland’s most renowned physicians focusing on gynecology and pregnancy is well aware of the challenges of sleep during the menopause years. Hot flashes at night poses a big challenge for many women, it can last up to 5 years and significantly reduce sleep quality and duration. To sleep better we can take a few different actions

  1. Crank down the temperature: lower ambient temperatures ideally below 18 °C/ 64 °F helps us to sleep better. If we are struggling with hot flushes at night this is even more important.Not only does the lower ambient temperature helps us to feel cooler, it also supports a better sleep quality. Breathing in cool air helps to lower or core body temperature which helps us to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
  2. Have a cooling aid nearby: by having a glass of ice water or wet cloth next to your bed you can easily cool yourself down in the case of hot flushes at night.
  3. Menopause pyjamas for hot flashes: most sleepwear has not been developed and designed to support our physiological sleep needs and therefore aren’t equipped to help us deal with hot flashes, temperature fluctuations and night sweats. If we use a natural fabric like cotton it easily becomes soaked and is then wet and can become uncomfortably cold. Synthetic materials on the other hand trap in the heat and sweat and as a result we risk overheating even more.

Why leading physicians recommend Dagsmejan menopause sleepwear

Leading physicians and sleep experts recommend Dagsmejan as the best pyjamas for hot flashes and to use during the menopause year. As dr Fritz-Naville says: 

“Sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. For women sleep quality and sleep challenges varies throughout her life. Hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy and nursing as well as menopause can make sleeping well difficult. In part because of temperature fluctuations and night sweats which lower our sleep quality. By staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone we can sleep deeper and longer. Dagsmejan’s temperature regulating sleepwear can be a great aid to keep the best temperature for sleep”

 Dr Marco Fritz-Naville Dagsmejan

Dr Marco Fritz-Naville

Dr Rebecca Robbins, a well-known sleep expert from the US, also enhances the role Dagsmejan menopause pyjamas plays in combatting hot flashes at night: 

"What makes Dagsmejan unique is myself and other scientists advise the company on optimal avenues for product design, fabrics, and other components that are backed by science. Dagsmejan is also currently conducting a trial to test their product in its ability to improve bodily temperature and sleep, which is a focus that is unique in the sleepwear sector." 

Dr rebecca Robbins Dagsmejan

Dr Rebecca Robbins

The unique benefits of Dagsmejan sleepwear

Dagsmejan nightwear work on 4 levels to help us to improve our sleep;

  1. Temperature regulation: Dagsmejan Balance sleepwear help to balance out temperature fluctuations caused by hot flashes at night. The patented natural fabric is 6x more breathable than cotton helping to release excess heat so that you keep the best temperature for sleep.
  2. Moisture management: Dagsmejan Balance nightwear is 4x better at moisture management than cotton. The revolutionary moisture management is a combination of evaporative cooling and moisture wicking pyjamas. The patented natural fibre is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic, meaning that part of the night sweat is saved in the core of the fibre helping to cool you down through evaporative cooling. The rest is pushed through the fabric to the surface where it spreads and dries quickly so that you never feel wet. That is what makes Dagsmejan the best pyjamas for hot flashes.
  3. Supreme fit and comfort: with wide comfort waistbands, flat and ergonomically placed seams and a minimum of disturbing elements you can enjoy a menopause pyjamas that moves with you throughout the night. There are no tags that scratch and irritate, just pure night comfort.
  4. Super soft touch: 2x softer than cotton Dagsmejan sleepwear will give you the sweet dreams you need and deserve

Discover what the right menopause pyjamas can do for your sleep comfort! 


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