The key to a quality sleep: staying cool at night

Have you ever wondered what's the secret of a good, restful sleep? Sleep issues are quite common and 1/3 of people have the tendency to overheat at night, sweating and being uncomfortable as a result. 

You might think that this issue is only present over summer, when even at night the temperature are quite warm. Reality is that this is a problem all year round: thanks to central heating and improved insolation the temperature in our homes is now 5° C warmer than what it used to be 30 years ago. 

Why is overheating during sleep a problem?

Overheating during the night is a factor we shouldn't underestimate when investigating sleep issues: synthetic and heavy fabrics are not always breathable enough and this can make us overheat even during winter, waking us up with uncomfortable night sweats and make us feel hot and cold at the same time. To get a restful sleep is therefore extremely important to try to reach the optimal sleeping temperature.

Tips to avoid overheating at night

To make sure that night sweats and overheating do not ruin our sleep quality, it's essential to try our best to implement some measures in order to stay in the ideal thermal zone:

Food, drinks and smoking

Try to avoid food and drinks that are heavy to digest before bedtime such as alchool, fried food and red meat. Prefer instead light meals and herbal teas to get the best possible sleep. Also smoking can cause sweating at night. 


Sport is surely great for our physical and mental health, however not every moment of the day is the perfect time to work out. Avoid exercising in the hours before bedtime as this could increase our body temperature.


Make sure that your bedroom is cold enough (ideally 18°/64 F) to avoid sweating at night. Remember to let fresh air in multiple times each day. 


Even if all the previous points are implemented, do not neglect what you're wearing at night. In order to avoid night sweats, try not to wear heavy, synthetic fabrics that might cause you to overheat. Opt instead for breathable and moisture wicking pyjamas that won't make you sweat and will keep you in the ideal sleep temperature.

cooling sleepwear

Dagsmejan's cooling pyjamas

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Women's cooling pyjamas

Forget about waking up in the middle of the night in an uncomfortable puddle of sweat: Dagsmejan's cooling pjs are softer thank silk, cooler than linen and better at moisture management than cotton, allowing stay in the ideal sleep temperature all night long. 


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Mens cooling pyjamas

Sweating at night prevents you from getting the restful sleep you deserve? Dagsmejan's moisture wicking pyjamas are developed to keep you dry and cool you down thanks to the incredible moisture management properties of the NATTCOOL™ fabric. 


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