How to find the best thermal pyjamas?

As we realize that warm summer temperatures are already a distant memory, chilly nights are starting to show up again and it's no surprise that we feel the need to cozy up and wear warmer clothing while being at home.

Although the istinctive reaction would be to wear fluffy and heavy sleepwear to fight the cold, it's important to know what really makes a difference when it comes to warm pyjamas.

What should you be looking for when searching for winter pyjamas?

Warm, but breathable

If you don't want to overheat during the night, make sure that your new thermal pyjamas combine warmth with breathability; only this way you'll stay in the ideal temperature zone and be able to enjoy a sweat-free, restful sleep.  

Light & Soft

Bulky sleepwear is a no-go when we want to wear something comfy; thermal nightwear should be light, thin and soft, giving you the feeling of a second skin and making sure that you don't get any skin irritation.

Moisture management properties

If you tend to sweat during the night, you need to make sure that your winter pyjamas are excellent at moisture management. What does that mean? If you sweat while sleeping, your pyjama can become uncomfortably wet and disturb your rest. In order to fight this issue, treat yourself with merino wool pyjamas, which naturally have moisture management properties and absorb up to 35% of their weight in moisture without being wet to the touch. 

Smart design

The perfect thermal pyjamas should not only avoid having scratchy seams and uncomfortable fits, but most importantly they need to have hems and cuffs that keep the warmth in all night long. 

women's thermal pajamas

Why is Dagsmejan the best thermal pyjamas?

Dagsmejan's thermal pyjamas are the perfect choice if you want to stay in the ideal thermal zone during the winter season even when it's freezing outside:

Combining breathable, featherlight merinowool with lyocell from Eucalyptus, Dagsmejan's NATTWARM™ fabric will keep you warm without ever letting you overheat. The softness of the our warm sleepwear will not irritate your skin and the outstanding breathability and moisture-management properties of merinowool will let you rest like never before.


Women warm pyjamas

Never worry about being too cold at night with Dagsmejan's soft, warm thermal nightwear. 50% lighter than other fabrics and 4x more breathable and 2x softer than cotton, merinowool pyjamas will take your sleep comfort to the next level.


women's thermal pajamas

Mens warm pyjamas

 Sleep better and deeper on cold nights with the help of merino sleepwear. Let the ultra-fine merino wool and Lyocell from Eucalyptus give you the ultimate sleep comfort, and make synthetic fabrics and overheating be a distant memory. 


mens warm pyjamas