What to look for in the best pyjamas for hot flashes?

Hot flashes and night sweats can make sleeping well difficult in all facets of life but in particular during menopause. In these times of uncertainty this can impact us more than ever as stress and alcohol reduce our body’s ability to thermoregulate.

And as many of us tend are experiencing increased stress levels right now this can decrease our sleep quality and increase sweating at night.

To sleep better we should review our sleep hygiene including having a solid sleep routine, try to reduce stress levels and make sure that our food and alcohol intake doesn’t negatively impact our sleep. Another action we can take is to wear the right pyjamas for hot flashes. As gynaecologist Felice Gersh, MD,  puts it: “Menopause is terrible for women’s sleep, and hot flashes at night exacerbate the sleep disturbances. When the skin changes temperature and sweating occurs, often drenching the bed clothes, sleep interruptions are inevitable”.

But with the right menopause nightwear our sleep can be improved:

“Any method that keeps the skin cool and dry will benefit sleep,” says Dr. Gersh. “Moisture wicking sleepwear serves a very unique need to keep the skin cool and dry. That helps with comfort and therefore with sleep.”

Menopause nightwear — how to find the best sleepwear for you

The best menopause pyjamas should work on 4 levels to combat hot flashes and to give you the best night comfort possible

  • Temperature regulation: menopause nightwear need to release excess heat and thereby help the body’s natural thermoregulation function whilst still keeping you comfortably warm
  • Moisture management: a pyjamas for menopause should not only wick moisture away to keep you dry but also cool you down through evaporative cooling. Synthetics don’t absorb moisture so can leave the sweat on your skin or just not help you to really cool down.
  • Fit and comfort: we move on average 50 times every night and when our temperature fluctuate which impact our deep sleep phases in particular. As a result we often move even more trying to find a comfortable position. It’s important that your sleepwear doesn’t become tangled or rides up.
  • Soft touch: when we sleep the blood flow to our skin increases making us more sensitive to touch. Make sure that your menopause sleepwear has a minimum of friction and give you optimal night comfort.

Menopause nightwear

Balance- the best pyjamas for hot flashes

The balance collection is developed to help you keep the best temperature for sleep, every night. Using a natural fibre based on beechwood combined with a patented technology NATTWELL™ is proven to be 6x more breathable than cotton and 4x better at moisture management. As a result you will stay longer in the ideal climatic comfort zone. With a super soft touch, 2x softer than cotton, and designed for sleep this collection of menopause nightwear will help you get a deeper and longer sleep.


best pajamas for hot flashes