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The break-through benefits of Balance comes from NATTWELL™, a fabric that combines high-tech natural fibres with innovative construction techniques. Achieving results previously known only to the world of synthetic fibres used in sportswear. Discover the technology behind the most comfortable pyjamas in the world.


With a patented, permanent and eco-friendly technology beechwood fibres have been adapted to have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. The result? You enjoy the benefits from evaporative cooling as well moisture wicking. Sweating while sleeping is no longer a problem, you stay cool and dry thanks to this pyjamas for night sweats.

Thanks to the super fine yarn consisting of millions of breathable nanocapillaries in combination with integrated ventilation and moisture-wicking zones you keep the best temperature for sleep.

hot and cold at night?


NATTWELL™ fabric is made of cellulose, which is obtained from beech wood and formed into fibres. Other kinds of cellulose fibres include cotton, linen, bamboo and lyocell. A common feature among all cellulose fibres is their high moisture storage capacity. The fact that cellulose is able to store moisture in its interior explains cellulose’s excellent climate-regulation capacity and ability to moderate temperature fluctuations. The capacity of synthetic fibres, such as polyester, polyamide or polypropylene to store moisture is far less than that of NATTWELLl™ wicking sleepwear. Polyester for example is only able to store one-tenth the amount of moisture that NATTWELL™ fabric is able to, which explains synthetic polymers’ poor capacity for temperature regulation.

Conventional cellulose fibres absorb moisture very rapidly, which means they have very good wicking rates. If you drop a few droplets of water on cellulose material you will see that they are absorbed within a few moments. Cellulose fibres are therefore often used as wicking materials for clothing. However, since the water absorbed remains in the textile’s structure, a disadvantage of this high absorbency, is the speed at which we experience a wet, cold feeling when the fabric comes into contact with our skin. Synthetic materials are therefore often preferred for sportswear, since they dry faster and thus eliminate the cold feeling quicker. This benefit comes, however, at the expense of poor thermal control.

In NATTWELL™ fabric the cellulose fibre has been modified in such a way that the moisture storage capacity of the cellulose in the fibre’s interior remains unchanged and thus the ability to maintain climatic buffering is preserved. However, a layer has been created on the surface of the fibre’s cell, which transports moisture into the fibre’s moisture-absorbent storage zone. The fibres therefore constitute micro-composites, consisting of a cellulose core coated with a hydrophobic surface.

NATTWELL™ fabric thus combines two properties that have up until now not been seen in cellulose fibres: Moisture released from the body is regulated and controlled in the textile structure by absorption and diffusion to the outside. These textiles are therefore very good at preventing changes to the temperature of the fabric.During a phase in which we sweat, moisture can be passed first to a storage layer and then if necessary the fibre’s interior can act as a storage zone. This means that NATTWELL™ fabric can store up to 50% of its own weight in liquid while still feeling dry to touch. These properties give NATTWELL™ fabric a unique combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic functionalities. Properties which were once thought irreconcilable, i.e. moisture storage and moisture transport, have been successfully combined in NATTWELL™. The result? The most effective pajamas for night sweats.


If we become hot and cold at night our sleep suffers, in particular our deep sleep phases. Night sweats can lead to discomfort and disturbances. By staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone we can sleep deeper for longer. 

the best pajamas for night sweats


By assessing our nightly temperature and sweat patterns, as well as sleep positions and movements, we have been able to design a unique range of clothing optimised for sleep. Dagsmejan sleepwear will keep you in the ideal climatic comfort zone for longer, helping to boost the duration and quality of your sleep.

Through extensive research we have found a unique way to seamlessly integrate temperature and moisture-control zones supporting optimal temperature regulation and moisture wicking throughout the night. This type of technique has never been used with natural fibres before and allows us to offer the best of performance fibres in a totally natural way.




"Since few days I am proud owner of two night dresses, in which I sleep wonderfully! I have been wearing shirts in modal quality for years, but the functionality of your products is sensational! I admit, I was skeptical before, because a newspaper can write a lot...;-) But the shirt remains dry, despite night sweating (especially decollete), all around you have developed a super great product!"



"It fits, is comfortable and makes you feel pleasantly cool when you put it on.  I find the wearing comfort high and the material is pleasantly soft. Well, how do I sleep in it? I sleep better."



"I still have my sweat attacks at night, but I don't wake up with wet t-shirts anymore and don't have to change anymore. Everything stays dry. It seems to me that I haven't slept so well for a long time. The purchase is worthwhile in many ways. I can only recommend the purchase."



"I love my sleepwear and this is the first time I am not woken up in sweat and sore throat due to temperature differences. The sleepwear is beautiful, light and feels like silk on one's skin. I have sensitive skin and this makes me unable to withstand all nightwear. This is smart, light and elegant. I love that I will not wake up in sweat the next day and feeling ill. The long sleeves help my wrists not hurting and warming them. It help on my rheumatic disease, to get a really great night of sleep, with no sweat and still be warm."

The most breathable pyjamas

The most breathable pyjamas

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